meagen 3.0

guess who is BACK BABY! that’s right. i finally was able to sit down and dedicate some time to troubleshooting my website, and we’re BACK. and you know what? i learned some good lessons from the whole thing.

the problem, was that the site was running super slow and i couldn’t update my posts, so i upon the recommendation of several forums, upgraded my php and then it broke the site, and i kept getting a critical site error that my stylesheet was missing and nothing was working and wordpress is so not user friendly for even the savviest of technical n00bs. so then i googled the error on a bunch of forums, i went into my hosting site. none of what i was reading was making any sense and all the while, the site was super slow and buggy and crashing which made it all the more difficult to navigate anything because it took FOREVER. so while i’m navigating this technical issue, the writing part of all this took a backseat because *le woe* i couldn’t write without the site (bill’s gotta have the pills or else he can’t do the math), and it was all in all extremely frustrating and i wanted to throw my computer across the room every morning. not super great for an activity that’s supposed to bring me closer to serenity.

but, here’s the funny thing. i had to go through all that frustrating muck of information to get to a place where i was able to carve out some dedicated time to really take a look at what the forums were telling me and what i needed to do. one by one, i followed the instructions and started updating and deleting things as recommended. nothing was fixed yet, and i had 2 choices left – restore my site from a backup, or delete the stylesheet / critical error, which could mean i lose my theme and have to start from scratch. what a metaphor for life, right? do you go back to the past / what’s familiar, or do you take a risk and hope for the best, knowing you might have to start over? am i reaching for this metaphor? maybe. but do you know what this little never in my life risk taker did this morning? she deleted that stylesheet. and it fixed the issue, website restored. and she feels pretty freaking great.

so. bringing it back to my life (because that’s what this is all about, obviously), how can i apply this to where i’m at right now? can i recognize that i’m in the forums of life right now, struggling to make sense of what it all means, but one day, when i slow down and allow myself the space to take a breath it’ll make sense? and that taking a risk, knowing you might have to start over, is actually the least frustrating, and most rewarding path forward?

there is no backspace, there is only forward. and in the great website of life, you just have to wade through the bullshit, locate and delete the critical error and you’ll be back up and running faster and better than before. WOW. this METAPHOR.

regardless, i’m looking forward to that time. and i’m ready to upgrade to Meagen 3.0.