Meaning of One Tiny Red Balloon

i see red balloons everywhere i go. sometimes it’s a bunch of them, but mostly, it’s just one. one tiny red balloon.

when i was trying to come up with the name for this blog, i was out to dinner with some good friends and i was bouncing some ideas off of them that i liked. i told them that the name that stood out the most was ‘one red balloon’ because i see them everywhere. the door to the restaurant was open, and the wind picked up, just for a second, just long enough for me to see the shiny top of a tiny red balloon. i started laughing and said “you won’t believe this, but as i’m telling you this – the tiniest red balloon just peeked in here.” and that was that.

i like to think that the tiny red balloon is my little wink from the universe. and this is me, winking back.